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Collective outbreak of non-ferrous metal stocks Subdivide three plate is expected to lead

Release date:2015/11/12 18:41:17

Boom in consecutive four days later, A shares on November 10 in sideways pattern.But it is worth noting that the silence for a long time the meteoric rise of non-ferrous metal plates, plate index is up 4.24%, including chi macro zinc germanium, yunnan copper, zhongjin lingnan, 14 stock collective harden, the runner is financials led the rally.Recently, glencore's production in the third quarter, according to a report in 2015, the year lead and zinc production targets will cut 50000 tons, 100000 tons, respectively.In addition, pushing the el nino phenomenon will also be part of the non-ferrous metal prices.In this background, this article will from the rare metals, industrial metals, gold and other three niche investment opportunities, analysis of non-ferrous metals industry for investors reference.
Rare metal lithium industry fundamentals continue to improve
, according to data on November 10, all secondary industrial metals in tradable stocks rose, 17 of which, the east zirconium, ZhangYuan tungsten industry, the day his LiYe, jiangxi feng LiYe 4 stocks such as harden, guiyan platinum industry (9.72%), tin shares (9.40%), new hualong (7.03%), yunnan germanium industry (6.34%), and other stocks rose by more than 6% on November 10th.
Flows upward, November 10, plate in a total of nine stocks to realize single net inflows, among them, the Oriental zirconium on November 10, a single large net inflows of 103.6651 million yuan, tops in the plate;In addition, minmetals rare earth (79.9412 million yuan), guiyan platinum industry (78.6897 million yuan), rare earth (76.2442 million yuan), north stone non-ferrous smelting (39.0529 million yuan), xiamen tungsten (32.6467 million yuan), and other large single net inflows of the individual stocks on November 10, more than 30 million yuan.
With the boom of new energy automotive industry chain, as its industrial chain upstream of the lithium battery industry is the first to benefit from group.Under this background, the middle bearing lithium has become a rare metal industry the highest varieties.Investment opportunities, China merchants securities, said the lithium industry fundamentals continue to improve in the coming years is determined, in considering the lithium battery costs accounts for only a few percent, downstream have to bear ability, just needs time to transmission costs.
, according to data on November 10, all secondary industrial metals in tradable stocks rose, 31, sunko's material, tongling nonferrous, chi macro electricity, yunnan copper, zinc germanium, volare Yintai resources, zhongjin lingnan XinYe shares, etc. 8 stocks closed to harden price, moreover, ChengTun mining, jiangxi copper, Jin Guiyin industry, zhuzhou smelter group, the western mining, jiaozuo ten thousand party, the state shares, often aluminum stock, such as division of east sun on November 10 stocks rose by more than 5%.
Flows upward, November 10, 24 stocks are making a big single plate in net inflows
Analysts generally believe that the world recently cut 2015 commodities giant glencore lead and zinc production targets, for industrial metals prices have a positive impact in the short term, which is induced on November 10, non-ferrous plate together.It is understood that glencore plans to reduce the zinc and lead each year respectively output 500000 tons, 100000 tons, among them in the fourth quarter of 2015, lead, zinc production or will reduce about 100000 tons, 50000 tons.
Investment strategy, haitong securities, said the basic metal prices have to at the bottom of the long term, but a sharp rebound in demand still need to wait for marginal improvement.Reason mainly has three, first, under the world's major economies rate cut cycle, liquidity promotion commodity value;Second, easing stimulus, major national economy is expected to rebound, the downstream end demand recovery period;Third, the cost of basic metal prices have fallen to near the line, the expected supply contraction of supply and demand situation is expected to get balance again.Stock, recommend zhongjin lingnan, cloud aluminium co, chi macro zinc germanium, etc.
, according to data on November 10, all the secondary industry in the gold industry in addition to the closed just Thai holdings to plates, the remaining 10 tradable stocks rise in varying degrees, among them, in the west of shandong gold, zhongjin gold, gold, in the constant state shares, embellish resources, such as gold, glory of hunan industrial stocks rose by more than 3% on November 10th.
Flows upward, and the golden plate gold ($29.8478 million), west gold (22.8508 million yuan), constant state shares (7.3716 million yuan) on November 10, 3 stocks such as a single large capital inflows.
Although November 10 gold shares a significant rise, but recent gold futures prices sharply lower again, and the listed company shares a divergence.Specific terms, on October 28, since as of November 9, 9 sessions, spot gold prices dropped 6.41%.
However, other analysts think so, at present the gold in the low point has basically get effective support, the early stage of the spot gold price near $1085 to $1085 an ounce in shock for many times, continue to fall.And as expected, the federal reserve to raise interest rates in December gold face bad has been basically made news, market outlook is expected to realize bottomed out.
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