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Cai Yong, Chairman of Guangxi Huaxi Nonferrous Metals, and his delegation conducted research on Jiefu Group

Release date:2023/9/12 17:01:25

On September 9th, leaders such as the Secretary and Chairman of the Party Committee of Huaxi Nonferrous Metals (stock code: 600301), Chairman Cai Yong of Huaxi Group, and Zhang Feng, Deputy General Manager of Huaxi Nonferrous Metals, visited the Jiefu Factory in Dongguan. Xie Jianlong, Chairman of Jiefu Group, Zhao Xia, Deputy General Manager of Guizhou Dongfeng Antimony Industry Co., Ltd. and General Manager of Guizhou Minmetals, Lv Fangwei, General Manager of Dongguan Jiefu Group, and Huang Yujin, Deputy Director of Jiefu Group Investment Management Center received warm receptions.

Chairman Xie Jianlong warmly welcomed the visit of Chairman Cai Yong and his delegation, and introduced the development status and future plans of Jiefu Group and its subsidiary Dongfeng Antimony Industry. He expressed sincere gratitude to Chairman Cai Yong for his guidance in industry development direction, enterprise operation and management.

Chairman Cai Yong highly praised Dongfeng Antimony's antimony industry chain advantages, operational management model, and sustained and stable operation, and expressed firm confidence in further deepening industrial cooperation. Chairman Cai Yong stated that the main focus of this inspection is to further enhance the complementary advantages and cooperation exchanges between the two sides in the antimony industry chain. As the only state-owned non-ferrous metal listed company in Guangxi, Huaxi Nonferrous Metals has undertaken the core assets and business of Huaxi Group, and has strong resource advantages in metals such as tin, antimony, indium, lead, and zinc. Currently, with the strong support of the Guangxi Autonomous Region government, Huaxi Nonferrous Metals will further expand and strengthen its advantageous metals, There is broad development space. I hope that both sides can complement each other's strengths in the future, further strengthen cooperation in the integration of antimony industry chain resources, and seek common development.

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