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Dongfeng Antimony Industry was awarded the title of "2022 Guizhou Province Top Industrial Enterprise R&D Investment Growth Active Enterprise"

Release date:2023/11/7 16:02:12

On November 6th, Chen Bin, Deputy Director of the Science and Technology Bureau of Qiannan Prefecture, and the Chief of the Science and Technology Planning and Innovation Development Department, as well as Luo Hong, the head of the Science and Technology Comprehensive Department of the Development and Reform Bureau of Dushan County, and a delegation came to Guizhou Dongfeng Antimony Industry Co., Ltd. to present the honorary medal of "2022 Active Enterprise in Research and Development Investment Growth of Industrial Enterprises above Designated Size in Guizhou Province" to Dongfeng Antimony Industry, Fully affirmed the work carried out by Dongfeng Antimony Industry in terms of technological innovation and research and development investment.

Subsequently, Deputy Director He Shujie had a thorough exchange with the general manager of Dongfeng Antimony Industry, Qin Shidun, and other leaders. Qin Shidun, the general manager, introduced the progress, achievements, and difficulties in the company's scientific and technological work in recent years, and conducted in-depth discussions on the direction of scientific and technological innovation, research and development investment, as well as the management and leadership of scientific and technological projects.

Dongfeng Antimony Industry has always adhered to the focus of technological innovation, with the goal of improving scientific research capabilities and research and development levels. It continuously increases research and development investment in new products, new processes, and new technologies, promoting the early realization of the enterprise vision of "innovative breakthroughs and strengthening the antimony industry", and making greater contributions to promoting the high-quality development of the antimony industry.

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