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Caring about the health of employees, making health more warm

Release date:2023/11/17 10:11:41

With the continuous improvement of the company's welfare system, the annual physical examination for all employees was once again launched on November 15th. All along, the company has adhered to humanistic care, people-oriented, caring for employees, effectively maintaining their physical and mental health, and providing employees with a "health protection umbrella".

The physical examination activity was conducted in batches on November 15th and 16th. In order to do a good job of this physical examination, the company has developed a comprehensive and detailed physical examination plan. On the day of the examination, everyone came to the examination center early and conducted a step-by-step examination under the guidance of medical staff. The entire examination process was in an orderly manner.

Through physical examinations, the goal of "early diagnosis, early prevention, and early treatment" can be achieved. With the development of enterprises and the improvement of employees' living standards, health is of great significance for the development of enterprises and employees. Regular physical examinations provide practical care for employees and promote their common healthy development.

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