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10.16: antimony ingot bulk offer firm

Release date:2015/10/22 16:00:02

10.16: antimony ingot bulk offer firm
Time: the 2015-10-20 source: China antimony net author: Chen
Antimony city flat today.2 # antimony ingot (low level bismuth) quotation in 36500-38000 yuan/ton, 2 # antimony bid in 36000-37000 yuan/ton, 1 # antimony bid in 37000-39500 yuan/ton, 0 # antimony bid in 38000-40500 yuan/ton.99.5% antimony trioxide bid in 33000-34000 yuan/ton, 99.8% antimony trioxide bid in 34000-35000 yuan/ton, antimony oxide powder 80% bid in 33000-34000 yuan/ton.Tax 50% antimony concentrate bid in 26500-28000 yuan/ton, 35% antimony concentrate without tax price in 20500-21500 yuan/ton.
Some traders said in Shanghai, the Shanghai area of 2 # antimony ingot (low bismuth) melt still is controlled in 39000 yuan/ton, price is lower than the price is generally not shipment.Also said that the recent enquiries, clinch a deal the situation changed.

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