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Individuals begin hoarding in antimony ingot

Release date:2015/11/24 9:40:51

Source: the 2015-11-23 wto author:
MB prices leveled off on Friday, in a 5300-5500 dollars/tons of MB prices leveled off on Friday, in a $5300 - $5500 / ton.Antimony ingot prices continue to fall, but the Chinese market at present 2 antimony market in 32000-33000 yuan/ton.Mainly in the end of money collecting problems and needs sustained downturn in market prices continue to decline.Antimony but now belongs to the lower price level, according to industry insiders, cold water river region have people started to buy antimony ingot, hoard, such as the market better, the price reaches a certain level of profit.In recent days have personal has around 32000 yuan/ton price began to purchase, has acquired close to one thousand tons of cargo.
According to exporters, export less enquiries recently, offer temporarily in the $5700 - $5800, higher than MB prices it is difficult to conclude the transaction.
Antimony oxide price is relatively stable, but the price was down, the current market prices in 31000-32000 yuan/ton.Export price of $100 to $5000 - $5100 / ton.Exporters, said less received enquiries, offer at $5100, if the transaction price in the neighborhood of 5000 dollars.
At this point in time and under the environment influence, prices could further lower, but the space is very limited.
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