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Domestic prices range-bound subsequent keep disadvantaged consolidation

Release date:2015/12/11 9:43:39

The 2015-12-10 16:58:39 source: wto writing author: dina liu

MB prices continue to lower Wednesday, MB free market prices down $100 to $4900 - $5000 / ton.The fall should be affected by exchange rate fluctuations.
Domestic antimony ingot prices in 31000-31500 yuan or so, after a consortium bid in 32000 yuan, 500 yuan.FOB price stability in the $5300, excluding tax price at $5000-5100.
Antimony oxide current prices in 29000-30000 yuan/ton, generally low-rising is cash price, high acceptance price.Export FOB price adjustment is narrow, manufacturers cut $50 to $4800 - $4850 / ton.Antimony oxide downstream keep smooth weak, experienced a fast falling fast rise, in front of the weak spot market remains.
As for antimony the tendency of the market, the author thinks that, although the demand is weak, but at the end of the year is almost over, after previous round of low storehouse drained, reduction in front of money is, to some extent, alleviate pressure both in antimony ingot and antimony oxide factory no profit to speak of, sale's price will increase, recently outside dish, though still in decline, but the domestic price is relatively stable.Still afternoon under the condition of the economic situation is difficult to improve, demand is also difficult to start, so continue to maintain a weak consolidation, fell space is limited.
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