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Currency fluctuations antimony oxide FOB prices fell slightly

Release date:2015/12/9 12:45:40

Source: 2015-12-8 wto author: dina liu
According to customs statistics, the first 11 months of this year, China's import and export gross 22.08 trillion yuan 1, (the same below) than the same period last year dropped by 7.8%.Among them, the export of 12.71 trillion yuan, down 2.2%;Imports of 9.37 trillion yuan, down 14.4%;Trade surplus of 3.34 trillion yuan, expanding by 63%.
Plastic products export 211.11 billion yuan, a growth of 2.5%, import 23.795 million tons of plastic in primary form, increased by 3%, import prices for 10700 yuan per ton, down 14.5%.
Antimony oxide at home and abroad, the price is in 29000-31000 yuan/ton, export FOB price at $4800 - $4900 / ton, export price cut $100 than previously, and mainly affected by the recent exchange rate fluctuations, the RMB against the us dollar has close to 6.4, increase in export enterprise pressure.
Antimony ingot prices slightly stable recently, antimony oxide relative supply is adequate, also in a state to inventory, you actively, shipment by the end of lower purchasing power shortage, worries companies, prices are way down.In November, China's foreign trade export leading index for 32, is in October dropped 0.8, shows that pressure still bigger early next year China's exports.Antimony is not exceptional also,
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