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Defensive mood increase prices stabilised the manufacturer

Release date:2015/12/4 9:22:14

Source: 2015-12-3 wto author: dina liu
Since October 28, MB cut, frequent market nearly a month on Wednesday MB antimony price stabilization, 2 consecutive offer smooth, steady at $5100 - $5300 / ton.Export enterprises offer at $5100-5300, basic consistent with MB range price.After the market has less than $5000, but the companies said they don't want to less than $5100 for shipment.
Because of antimony ingot prices have been falling, is already the low, suppliers want to mood, the market is relatively stable.Domestic antimony ingot tax is controlled in 32000 yuan/ton, price without tax price is in 28500 yuan/tons.Enterprises, said recently enquiry to increase domestic demand, enquiry is still not much foreign markets, but manufacturers believe that there will be a round of procurement before Christmas.
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