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Prices, slow down Adjustment co., LTD.

Release date:2015/12/1 10:50:06

The 2015-11-30 17:15:41 source: wto writing author: dina liu
On Friday, MB prices temporarily stable, still in 5100-5100 dollars/tons, MB patrika, antimony ingot price is lower, adjust to 30500-31800 yuan/ton.According to this understanding, the domestic antimony ingot prices in 31000-32000 yuan/ton, export price of $100 to $5400.Ore price is no benefit to support the market, now the price of 22000 yuan or so.According to the manufacturer, and now the whole city of antimony performance is bad, comes just at the end of the market pressure.
Antimony oxide now prices in 30000-31000 yuan/ton, down 500 yuan from last week.Basic maintain a consortium in 30500-31000 yuan price.Export price at $5000, clinch a deal valence has 5000 dollars.But now you price difference is small, basic around $50.
, flash star antimony industry dramatically reduce antimony products production this year it is a good news, and tailings will spill in the area in gansu province environmental investigation, and subsequent impact on market remains to be seen, may delay the prices drop.
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