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Seeking litres of antimony price stability

Release date:2015/12/18 14:10:11

Seeking litres of antimony price stability
The 2015-12-17 15:59:52 source: wto writing author: dina liu

Wednesday MB antimony price stabilization, MB free market prices in the $4900 - $5200 / ton.China's export price at around $5300.
, in a domestic market prices continue to maintain steady rise trend, the market now 2 antimony ingot price is in 32000 yuan of above, 1 antimony ingot offer some 33000-33000 yuan, a manufacturer, said 34000 yuan have some clinch a deal, but this price at present are not up to the mainstream.
Antimony oxide prices in 29500-31000 yuan between, export FOB price at $4750 - $4850 / ton.Downstream plastic market is relatively stable, adjustment is temporarily
Vendor said, at present the raw material and antimony ingot stage bottom stabilizing, years ago just need to rise in price, but the supply and demand situation and fundamentals will be rally resistance.Subject to some manufacturers, rised mood not gathering.European Christmas draws near, and the Chinese New Year's day small long vacation will come, trading next week slowing, antimony price stability more likely, after the New Year's day, will have the Spring Festival before purchasing cycle, the current prices at a relatively low level, the market will be a part of just need, on the demand, market is expected to continue to ask rose slightly in January.
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