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This week prices continue rising trend

Release date:2015/12/29 15:24:19

This week prices continue rising trend
The 2015-12-28 antimony industry network
Antimony concentrate market price increase this week, 50 degrees of antimony concentrate prices to 22000-22500 yuan/ton.A rise of about 1500-1500 yuan in the front at a low price.First part smelters have a small amount of supplementary material, because of antimony ingot recently orders also increases.
Antimony ore market recent price charts

MB market this week continued rally, rising modestly, this week rose $100 to $5050 - $5350 / ton.Our country exporters quote at $5300, and flat last week.MB prices mainly by purchasing demand and domestic prices before Christmas lows.
Recent antimony ingot MB market prices

Domestic prices continue to rise, no. 2 prices rose to 34000 yuan/tons, with suppliers, said 35000 yuan price in the market.1 prices rose to 35000 yuan/tons, with manufacturers, said 36000 yuan price.Prices rose in 1500-2000 yuan.Buyer's intention to price lower than the market price of 1000 yuan.Rised prices after the supplier still have emotions, because of its high price rises, the consumer is also cautious, just need a small amount of procurement, presented this week prices but didn't let go because the two sides attitude market trading volume, but there are still a rising trend.
Antimony ingot price charts in a week
Antimony oxide domestic selling price in 31500-32500 yuan/ton, up from last week 1500 yuan/ton.Mainly by antimony ingot prices, also just need to drive by the stock before Christmas.But the export price changes is still small, only rose $50, comprehensive price of $4800 to $4900 / ton.Is mainly restricted by export license, etc, and the European holiday influence, the market trading is not active.
Antimony oxide in the domestic market price charts in a week

Antimony oxide FOB price charts in a week

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